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Voltage Drop Calculator 4.0

Voltage Drop Calculator provides all information required to size feeders
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This rare and special calculator will be of great use for those who work with or develop electric devices. Voltage Drop Calculator will perform calculations of electric values. Once some fields are filled with information, it will calculate conductivity, conduit size which can be standard PVC insulation or thin PVC insulation or Nylon Jacket, you can also select the power of the motor displayed in hp(horse power), select the current and power type, the wire material such as aluminium or copper, the max amapacity and the armour that could be magnetic or not magnetic, the wire size and the number of parallel feeders. Meanwhile this fields are selected and filled, calculations are being made and results are being displayeded on screen.
The result can be stored in the notepad for later use.
It has a nice and detailed tutorial that makes easy to calculate voltage.
Once you get used to the data presented and the information as a result you will be able to calculate voltage.
Try it you won't regret because it is light and powerful!

Guzman Gonzalez
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